What We Do

At The Slocum Firm, we focus our practice in four primary areas: personal injury representation, medical marijuana counseling, business formation, and workers’ compensation. Our attorneys bring decades of experience to fighting for accident victims in Pennsylvania; and, having closely followed the Medical Marijuana Act since its introduction as Senate Bill 3, we are currently on the front lines of cultivating Pennsylvania’s new medical marijuana industry. As personal injury attorneys, we became concerned with the growing number of clients taking pain killers to treat their injuries. As a result, we became followers of the new and growing medical marijuana industry in Pennsylvania.  Because of this industry’s complicated legal structure, we offer a extensive legal consultation and business formation services for those looking to get into the industry.

We have a passion for the protection of workers’ rights within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We understand that impact an injury on the job can have on your life, and we strive to ensure that your rights and benefits are protected under the workers’ compensation laws in our state.

We seek to empower our clients, and whether that means helping someone recover the money they need to move on with their life, or guiding an entrepreneur through the complex process of starting a new cannabis-based business in Pennsylvania, we approach every situation with a passionate attention to detail and a singular focus on meeting our client’s unique individual needs. If you would like more information about our experience or what we can do to help, contact us for a confidential consultation today.

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With offices in Scranton, PA, we represent accident victims throughout Pennsylvania. We have an experienced team comprised of skilled professionals who know what it is like to be in your shoes. We limit our caseload so that we can give each client the attention he or she deserves; and, while we appreciate the finality of a settlement, we are always prepared to go to trial.

Personal Injury

After being injured in an accident, there are several things you need to do as soon as possible. One of the most important is to seek experienced legal representation. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to walk you through all of the steps you need to take – and mistakes you need to avoid – in order to protect your claim to compensation. At The Slocum Firm, we regularly represent clients who have been injured in:

  • Car Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Slips and Falls

Medical Marijuana Consulting

Under Act 16, patients in Pennsylvania will now be able to use medical marijuana. Growers, processers, dispensers, investors, physicians, healthcare groups, and patients are subject to complex rules and regulations regarding the cultivation and distribution of medical marijuana.

At the Slocum Firm, we are focused on helping individuals and companies involved in all aspects of Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana industry maintain compliance with the law. From obtaining (or renewing) a medical marijuana business license to respecting the Medical Marijuana Act’s provisions regarding prescriptions and distribution, we are available to provide full-service legal consulting to medical marijuana organizations and other interested parties throughout Pennsylvania.

Workers’ Compensation

Injuries on the job can disrupt your life, and we understand that. The Workers’ Compensation Act in Pennsylvania is set up to ensure that every worker is covered when injured on the job. Sometimes, employers try to prevent proper compensation for an injury. We prevent them from doing that. Our team of attorneys knows the workers’ compensation law thoroughly and will fight for your rights to proper coverage under the law.

Business Formation

The process of forming a business sounds simple enough: register a company name, get a tax ID, and start doing business. While you could start a business in this way, it is very important that you have an attorney help guide you in the process of forming your business. We analyze and advise on a variety of facets of formation, from articles of incorporation, operation agreements, and shareholder agreements, just to name a few. Aside from the legal aspect, we also offer consultation services to help you achieve your business goals.