Settle Your Own Claim, Step 9

Step 9: The Fate of Your Demand

So, you’ve sent your well-constructed demand package to the insurance adjuster. Now you have to be patient. Adjusters usually take about a month to fully go through and analyze the demand package, and the best ones get combed over with an intense eye to see if there’s any way to limit your claim for compensation. If all goes well, you’ll be contacted by the adjuster, who will either accept, counter, or deny the demand.

Let’s look at what happens for each scenario:


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Most adjusters will counter the demand with an amount that is lower than what you requested. That’s simply the nature of the game. That’s why you should always demand more than what you would ideally expect to settle the case. If the counter offer is within a range that you’re comfortable with, take it. There’s no use trying to squeeze extra pennies out. That might make the adjuster decide to deny your request altogether.


Now is when you’ll want the input of one of our attorneys. We will be able to analyze your case and the documents you have sent and, most importantly understand why the adjuster denied your request to settle. We can then give you a sense of whether you have a strong chance of obtaining the requested amount or be denied altogether.

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