Settle Your Own Claim, Step 2

Step 2: Getting Medical Attention

Last time, we covered what to do in the moments just after you get into a car accident. Now, let’s discuss what happens after you go to get medical attention.

Actually Getting Medical Attention

If you are transported from the scene of the accident by ambulance, there’s a decent chance that your injury is severe enough to warrant being transported this way. You may have pain from hitting your leg, back, or arm. You may even experience headaches, even if you never hit your head during the accident. Once at the hospital, you’ll more than likely be treated in the emergency department and either discharged or admitted. There’s no real advice for this other than to just listen to and obey the instructions of the medical staff. If you don’t, it will be documented and used by the auto insurance company as a way to deny your claim.

You’ll receive treatment and eventually be discharged and given follow up instructions. Follow the instructions you receive. If you’re recommended to follow up with your primary care physician, do it. If you don’t have one, find one. It’s pretty easy to locate and start with a new doctor. If you’re recommended to follow up with physical therapy, do it and attend every session. While it may seem to be a burden at the time, the work you put in will help you heal and return to your pre-accident health. Not following the orders for physical therapy and follow-ups will adversely affect your case because insurance adjusters won’t believe that you’ve sustained a serious injury if you’re non-compliant with medical instructions.

Follow-up Care

You should start feeling better as you go to your post-accident follow-up visits. There are other steps to settling your own claim that you will be able to take WHILE you’re treating for the injury. The more that is done while you treat leaves less work for you to do after treatment and will help speed up the process. In the next installment, we will examine the steps to take while you’re treating for your injury.

Speaking with Insurance Adjusters

It’s pretty common that insurance adjusters will begin reaching out to you within the first few days after the accident regarding your injuries. It’s best to not speak with them about anything except the damage to your vehicle, if applicable. Here’s why: Insurance adjusters are supposed to offer you money quickly, so that should your injuries be severe, the insurance company doesn’t have to pay a lot for the claim. Adjusters will usually low-ball the value of your injury. If calling becomes persistent, simply reply: I will send you a comprehensive demand package when I am finished treating. Boom. Done. That usually will stop the adjuster from pestering you. Should they call back a few months later, just let them know that you’re still completing treatment.

In the next step, we’ll explore how to obtain a police report from your accident.

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