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Accident Reconstruction for Car Accident CasesThere are a number of factors that go into a car accident case, and one of them has to do with accident reconstruction. Recalling the facts of the case in their entirety can be difficult or impossible for the people involved in the collision, and witnesses to the accident may have conflicting memories of what actually took place.

In order to reduce the chances of making a mistake as to who is at fault and what level of compensation the victim deserves, reconstructing the accident helps get at the facts of the case.

How much does an accident reconstruction cost?

The cost of an accident reconstruction can vary greatly. The more complex and disputed the accident is, the more it will cost to have an expert reconstruct what actually happened on that day.

A reconstruction professional’s testimony can be vital when there are questions about any car accident, but every situation is different. Your attorney will know whether a professional is likely needed, and can help you work with that expert to provide as much information as you can about the accident itself.

What information do you need?

With accident reconstruction, the more information you can provide the more helpful it is to determine the cause and fault of the accident. Determining fault can be difficult, especially if there are reasons why both parties in the accident may have been at some degree of fault, or may have contributed to the accident in some capacity. However, it’s very important that all questions about the accident are answered honestly, so that a fair and just determination can be made. Through evaluations and calculations the expert can determine what the facts are, which can lead to a better settlement for the victim of the accident.

With the information collected from drivers, passengers, and witnesses, the expert will begin to reconstruct the accident. But there is more to the study of this than just what people have to say. Science is a big factor in how accident reconstruction is performed, as the speed, angles, and other factors that came together to cause the accident all have to be taken into account. There may be more than one possible scenario when it comes to the accident, and an analysis of the data can be very useful in determining those situations and which one of them is the most likely to be accurate in that situation.

Why is it useful?

Whether your car accident case is working toward a settlement or will need to go to trial, accident reconstruction is useful because it provides more than just hearsay, or an argument between two drivers who each believe the other is at fault.

Using an expert in accident reconstruction also makes it more difficult to dispute the testimony or discredit it, because the reconstruction is based on factual information, science, and calculations, as opposed to being based on what each person believe happened at the time of the accident. There is more proof of what really took place and who is at fault.

How is an expert chosen?

Your attorney may have accident reconstruction professionals that they commonly work with or recommend, but you can also choose one that you’re comfortable with. Make sure to research that person carefully, and to look at their credentials and experience. Not all experts are the same, and if you have a very difficult or complex case you want to make sure you choose someone who has handled those types of cases in the past.

The more similar your case is to others that the expert has been involved in, the easier it may be for that person to provide you with what you need for your day in court or to help you negotiate your settlement.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, talking to an attorney may be the right choice. By reaching out to the attorneys at The Slocum Firm, who are conveniently located in Scranton, you can receive the legal help you need to determine if you have a case, what kind of compensation you may be entitled to, and what steps to take if you choose to proceed with a lawsuit.

We can help you get fair and just compensation for the injuries you have. A good legal advocate on your side can make a huge difference.

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