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Every once in a blue moon an office comedy will run on television that teaches viewers important life lessons about personal injury. While that may not have been the primary goal for Greg Daniels’s American adaption of a British work comedy, The Office features it’s fair share of injuries nonetheless. With those injuries comes important takeaways that everyone can learn from.

We couldn’t help but point out the similarities between the events that transpired in Scranton paper distribution office and the accidents we work with every day in a Scranton law office. Without further ado, these are the top 6 personal injuries that occurred in The Office and the lessons learned from them.

1) Michael cooks his foot on a George Foreman grill (Season 2, episode 12)

Episode 12 begins with a phone call from Michael. Pam answers the phone to Michael’s incessant groaning and pleas for help. Michael had accidentally stepped on his grill in the morning and burned his foot. He desperately needed someone to drive him to the office. In rushing to save Michael, Dwight crashes into a telephone pole right outside of the office. Dwight takes a serious bump to the head, but continues his rescue mission nonetheless. Michael’s day never really recovers. Michael falls off the toilet, has a hand fan knick his foot, and is refused a CAT scan. To top it all off the takeout from Carbondale had no yams. They always have yams.

The debate rages on as to whether or not a burnt foot is a disability, but Michael probably should have stayed at home to nurse his injury. If you sustain an injury, be sure to give yourself the proper amount of time to heal. Stressing your wounds will only prolong your body’s healing process and make things worse.

2) Dwight gets a concussion after crashing his car into a light pole (Season 2, episode 12)

As previously mentioned, Dwight badly damaged his car and banged up his head on the way to pick up Michael from his house. Dwight returns from the accident oddly kinder than usual.

Jim takes notice, but can’t put anything together at that moment.Towards the end of the day Dwight ends up collapsing. He’s taken to the hospital where it’s discovered he sustained a concussion in his accident.If you take a blow to the head and believe you’re showing any symptoms of a concussion at all, you should seek immediate medical attention from a doctor. Even seemingly harmless bumps can result in deadly bleeding in the brain or other serious health conditions.

3) Michael hits Meredith a car (season 4, episode 1)

Season 4 makes quite an impact from the get-go when the impact of Michael’s car sends Meredith to the hospital. She ends up with a slight pelvic fracture and remains in the hospital for the entire episode, but people have survived from worse. If any good came from Michael’s negligence it was the creation of the Rabies Awareness Fun Run. There’s nothing more honorable than running for a good cause.

Were this real life, Michael’s negligence could have landed him in some legal hot water. The incident serves as a reminder for us all to always be vigilant behind the wheel. Each and every year roughly 421,000 people are injured in crashes caused by distraction. Distractions should be avoided while driving at all costs. That includes keeping your phone away from you, waiting to eat or drink until your vehicle is parked, and/or ignoring the camera crew in your car.

P.S. rest in peace Sprinkles.

4) Darryl gets injured after Michael kicks the ladder out from underneath him (season 3, episode 20)

Michael and Darryl have a strained relationship to say the least. Michael is notorious for disrupting work schedules and delaying shipments in the warehouse with his antics. Darryl’s frustration reaches an all time high when Michael kicks the ladder out from under Darryl causing him to fall and break his ankle. The injury prompts an office-wide safety training meeting where everyone is enlightened on the potential dangers in the warehouse. Those who missed this episode missed an important safety lesson:  a baler is not the same as a trash compactor.At the end of the day, Michael’s negligence caused Darryl to suffer a painful injury. Michael is lucky Darryl didn’t decide to file a lawsuit, but it’s a lesson to everyone that there’s no room for mischief in a dangerous setting like a warehouse.

5) Meredith gets bit the by the bat after Dwight puts a bag over her head (season 3, episode 17)

Episode 17 begins as an oddly normal day for the office until Dwight discovers that a bat got stuck in the air duct. Dwight accidently releases the bat into the office putting everyone on edge. Dwight and Kevin successfully trap the bat in the break room, but unknowingly trap Meredith in there as well. As Jim leaves the office to embark on his eternal journey, Dwight embarks on his own destiny and successfully traps the bat…in a bag on Meredith’s head. You don’t find out until nine episodes later that this is not Meredith’s first run in with an outdoor creature.

It’s estimated that two to five million animal bites occur each year. While a majority of those bites are caused by dogs, bat bites do occur. If you are bitten by an animal, make sure to seek medical attention, especially if it was a wild animal. Wash and disinfect the bite area and keep it elevated. Apply antibiotic ointment before covering the bite with a bandaid. Taking these precautions will prevent your bite from becoming a more serious issue.

6) Andy hits Dwight with his car while they are having a duel over Angela (season 5, episode 11)

With Andy engaged to Angela, Angela begins to have an affair with Dwight. Things really get bad when Dwight and Angela defile Oscar’s favorite spot in the office with their love making. You already know which spot we’re referring to. The competition for Angela heats up to the point where a dual is scheduled during a break. Andy uses some creative thinking to best Dwight and ends up hitting Dwight with his Prius. Luckily Dwight’s legs didn’t break. His right leg just fell asleep a little bit. Also, the Prius is silent under 5 mph.

While Dwight walked away unscathed in this episode, he should remain vigilant in order to avoid a more serious accident. Luckily, if he were to be injured we know a few experienced personal injury lawyers in Scranton who may be able to help him out.

All fun aside, the injuries you’ve watched unfold at Dunder Mifflin aren’t far off from the countless number of injuries that occur in Pennsylvania each and every day. Be vigilant, be smart, and always seek medical attention for your injuries. From all of us at The Slocum Law Firm, stay zoppity.

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