3 Main Causes Behind Motorcycle Accidents

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Causes Behind Motorcycle AccidentsMotorcycle accidents, like accidents involving other types of vehicles, can happen just about anytime and anywhere. But there are some factors that make accidents more likely to occur. By understanding the main causes of motorcycle accidents and what can be done to reduce or avoid these issues, you can be safer on the road.

There is no way to prevent all motorcycle accidents or completely eliminate the risk unless you simply don’t ride a motorcycle at all, but reducing your risk as much as possible can make riding much more enjoyable and give you the highest chance of getting home safely.

1. Motorists not seeing you

The number one cause of motorcycle accidents is other drivers not seeing the motorcycle on the road. While you can’t change what other drivers do, being prepared for it can help. It is unfortunate that so many drivers overlook motorcycles, because that puts riders at a higher level of risk on the road.

Most drivers are trained to look for other cars, instead of just looking for movement. Because of that, they are more likely to strike motorcyclists or pedestrians, often by turning left across traffic when they don’t see another vehicle coming their direction.

2. Bad road or weather conditions

Another common reason that motorcyclists get into accidents is because of conditions on the road or problems with the weather. In Pennsylvania and other states where it can get very cold and can be snowy or icy, it’s best to put the motorcycle in the garage for the winter.

Of course, it’s not just cold weather that can be an issue. The snowy winters in the Midwest leave behind potholes and other road damage, along with gravel and small stones that can easily cause a motorcycle to slide. Being aware of weather conditions goes a very long way toward reducing the risk of an motorcycle accident, no matter the time of year.

3. Making unsafe choices, such as speeding or drinking alcohol

Even for motorcycle riders who make a poor decision, compensation may still be available when there is an accident, but unsafe decisions are another very common cause of motorcycle accidents. Generally, drinking alcohol and riding, along with speeding or trying to “show off” moves that are dangerous, can cause an accident that was otherwise completely avoidable.

Not all riders take these types of risks, but those that do are putting other drivers at risk, too, along with any passenger they have on the motorcycle and passengers in other vehicles who are sharing the road with them.

Avoiding problems and reducing risk

There are a number of ways to reduce your risk of a motorcycle accident, including:

  • Riding safely with proper gear and protection,
  • Making sure your motorcycle is in good working order
  • Not drinking or using any kind of drug that might impair your performance and your ability to ride safely and correctly
  • Taking note of the road conditions before you leave on your motorcycle
  • Slowing down around blind corners and in other areas where ice, water, gravel, potholes, and other road hazards are more likely to be present
  • Watching for other drivers. Even though you can’t control their actions, you can look ahead and anticipate what they might do.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may need an attorney to help you seek compensation for the physical injuries, pain, and suffering that has been caused by another driver. By contacting The Slocum Firm, you can work with a strong legal advocate who can collect all of the information about your case and explain your options for pursuing a lawsuit against another party.

We are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve, and are focused on making sure our clients have someone on their side who can work with them through the entire legal process.

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