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man opening claim with insurance company
Step 4: Opening the Claim Now that you have all the information from the police report (including insurance information), it’s time to open the claim. Make That Phone Ring In most cases, the person driving the car that...
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obtaining police report
Step 3: Getting the Police Report Remember how I mentioned in Step 1 to make sure the police arrive at the scene of the accident to make a report? This is when the police report is going to...
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getting medical attention from doctor
Step 2: Getting Medical Attention Last time, we covered what to do in the moments just after you get into a car accident. Now, let’s discuss what happens after you go to get medical attention. Actually Getting Medical...
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settle your own legal claim
The Slocum Firm’s attorneys are happy to present a new 10-part series, How to Settle Your Own Car Wreck Claim.  In this series, you’ll see how to settle your own injury claim from the perspective of an attorney....
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The majority of states in the U.S. are called “fault” states meaning that the driver who is at fault in an accident is legally responsible for paying the expenses that are incurred. This includes medical, personal injury, and...
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