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fate of your legal demand
Step 9: The Fate of Your Demand So, you’ve sent your well-constructed demand package to the insurance adjuster. Now you have to be patient. Adjusters usually take about a month to fully go through and analyze the demand...
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Woman writing demand for legal case
Woman taking notes for her demand. Step 8: Writing A Demand Now that you’ve gathered your medical records and a lien, it’s time to put together your demand package.  We will break the demand package into four (4)...
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obtaining a lien
Step 7: Obtaining a Lien You have all your medical records and you’ve gone through them and know their contents. While you were treating, did you ever wonder how much all of your treatment cost your health insurance company?...
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obtaining medical records
Step 6: Obtaining your medical records So, you’ve finished treating for your injury. Now, how do you get those medical records from the hospital and your other treatment facilities? Every place is different.  Most facilities use medical records...
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continuing medical treatment
Step 5: Continuing Medical Treatment At this point, it really goes without saying that continuing medical treatment related to your injury remains precedent for a claim. A personal injury claim is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s all...
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