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obtaining medical records
Step 6: Obtaining your medical records So, you’ve finished treating for your injury. Now, how do you get those medical records from the hospital and your other treatment facilities? Every place is different.  Most facilities use medical records...
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continuing medical treatment
Step 5: Continuing Medical Treatment At this point, it really goes without saying that continuing medical treatment related to your injury remains precedent for a claim. A personal injury claim is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s all...
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man opening claim with insurance company
Step 4: Opening the Claim Now that you have all the information from the police report (including insurance information), it’s time to open the claim. Make That Phone Ring In most cases, the person driving the car that...
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obtaining police report
Step 3: Getting the Police Report Remember how I mentioned in Step 1 to make sure the police arrive at the scene of the accident to make a report? This is when the police report is going to...
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getting medical attention from doctor
Step 2: Getting Medical Attention Last time, we covered what to do in the moments just after you get into a car accident. Now, let’s discuss what happens after you go to get medical attention. Actually Getting Medical...
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