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Lawyer determining case worth with a client
How Case Worth is Determined So, you’ve been injured in an auto accident or slip and fall. You’re in pain, haven’t been able to work, and have medical bills starting to pile. You’re looking to hire an attorney,...
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getting the settlement
Step 10: Getting the Settlement Congrats! If you made it this far without an attorney, you successfully settled your own personal injury claim! This is a pretty significant moment because not many people actually take on an insurance...
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fate of your legal demand
Step 9: The Fate of Your Demand So, you’ve sent your well-constructed demand package to the insurance adjuster. Now you have to be patient. Adjusters usually take about a month to fully go through and analyze the demand...
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Woman writing demand for legal case
Woman taking notes for her demand. Step 8: Writing A Demand Now that you’ve gathered your medical records and a lien, it’s time to put together your demand package.  We will break the demand package into four (4)...
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obtaining a lien
Step 7: Obtaining a Lien You have all your medical records and you’ve gone through them and know their contents. While you were treating, did you ever wonder how much all of your treatment cost your health insurance company?...
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