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A long history of excelling in personal injury cases.

Who we are

If you’ve been injured, you deserve a team who’s going to fight for you along every step of the way. We understand that you may be worried about things like medical bills and lost wages – that’s why we’ve streamlined the time-consuming processes to ensure that we make a recovery for you as quickly as possible. The attorneys at The Slocum Firm constantly strive to remain the best; we keep up to date on the latest technologies in trial work, we work with the top experts in the nation and we continuously educate ourselves on updates in personal injury law.

On average, we make a recovery in over 95% of cases and typically reach a settlement in less than a year.

We make a difference

Simply put, we maximize your recovery in the shortest amount of time while maintaining a personal touch. The lawyers at the Slocum Firm have a combined fifty years of experience.  Since 2009 our dedication has been to injured victims throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. This gives us unique insight into our clients’ questions and concerns.

While cases differ from client to client, everyone wants to be certain that they will get the maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time. Also, they want to be certain that they can call or text at any time and get in touch with their lawyer. At The Slocum Firm, we guarantee all three.

Why choose us

While there are many personal injury law firms out there, they are not all created equal. When choosing a personal injury attorney for your case, you may ask yourself: How long has this lawyer been practicing? What size settlements and verdicts have they won recently? Do they have trial experience? What are they be like to work with? Will my case get the attention it needs? What is their reputation in the legal community?

With decades of combined experience, we’re more than capable of handling any case thrown our way, and we pride ourselves on ensuring that you’re in the loop throughout the entire process. When you work with us, we’re here to answer any questions you may have, on your schedule.

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